Posted by: spazure | January 22, 2013


good intro to half of the swedish humour (about the other part of swedish humour… maybe i will get enough examples on my blog after a while to demonstrate)

i am working on my sj-sounds myself…… getting “closer”…. after that i still must master r and the y-or-whatever-it-is and i should perfect my ö. if you say the sh in “shit” or “she” (apparently english has two sh sounds, one “flatter” and one “upper” and swedish sj is even more upper), move your tongue further back in your mouth (keeping it curled back), more towards the middle of your mouth and up at the ceiling, that is closer… the swedish one sounds much more like wind noises if you hold/mess around with it, than english wind noises.

here are some different pronunciations of the sj sound, if anyone wants, i can get someone to make a recording with more examples and differences between the other sh sound (the other one is more like the english one), later, just ask. the third and fourth ones in this audio file are the ones you should strive for. the speaker pronounces them as if they are used in the more finnish-sounding dialects, but my wife says that must be some kind of prejudice or something since that isn’t at all the only places where they use them (and she has been consistently telling me from the start NOT to use the throaty h-ish sounding one, as they do use in the local dialect, instead of these third and fourth ones.) personally i think the throaty one sounds a lot less pleasant to the ears too : P


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