Posted by: spazure | January 19, 2013


130118 G-Dragon in London

ST: “Just took a 15 hour flight with a celeb… How awesome!!!”
ST: “I was on the flight with GD (Big bang ) to London and he is REALLY short.. But cute :)”
Fan: “really…??? what class was he flying??”
ST: “first class of course… But i got like 100 pics of him… Lol i spent like a whole day with him”
ST: “Btw… Didnt know who GD was before this morning…. I had to google him :/”
ST: “GD is in Heathrow 🙂 for all you Big Bang fans… Go search for him, hes wearing a denim jacket, a black beanie and nike air”
Fan: “im curious about how did u know thats his name is gd ?”
ST: “fans were screaming his name and i was like who is that dude? And then i googled him”
ST: “I got a lot of HD pics of GD 🙂 i’ll post them all… FOLLOW ME FIRST 😀 aha xx”
ST: “GD had no make up on, he was flawless actually 🙂 even though im not a fan… He is pretty hawt XD”

source: @IamRachelE/ST

goodluck to all VIPs in London! hope you’ll all get a glimpse of GD ~^^


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