Posted by: spazure | January 18, 2013


10 Good Reasons to Watch Lost Girl – from io9

  1. It’s like Warehouse 13 with lots of sex; or maybe it’s like True Blood without the WTF.
  2. Bo is a nice girl slut — and how often do you see that on TV? (Hint: never).
  3. There is a perfect excuse for sex in every episode.
  4. The friendship between Bo and Kenzi is adorable.
  5. Trick is the hottest “mysterious elder wizard guy” ever.
  6. It’s so cute when they try to pretend they’re not in Canada.
  7. There’s lots of “you are such a sexy geek” love for Lauren the human doctor.
  8. There is at least one pop culture reference per episode, which is usually a hilarious throwaway line.
  9. Angry gay brownies.
  10. Fae culture is half-Jewish, half-Celtic, and all crazy.

You can read the FULL write up, and explanation here:

You can also read their recap of Season Episode 1: What Happens to a Succubus in a Prison Run by Amazons?


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