Posted by: spazure | January 18, 2013




hey everyone, soo someone just posted this on something called “whisper”?
my friend sent it to my sister, because..


suicide is through the roof because of bullying, and people are still doing shit like this?
and in college?!
I have no words.
if my sister didn’t have self esteem, she would have been crushed.. and she still is. I would be too.
I am so disappointed in people.

“can she not afford normal hair?”

is she too poor to grow hair

is she so broke she can’t even produce new cells

This is bullshit. As difficult as it is for people to become who they are, others still cannot accept the fact that we aren’t all cookie cutter and maybe we like fluorescent hair and tiny backpacks. And besides, normal hair is cheap. Fluorescent hair is expensive.

How goddamn stupid do you have to be to ask if someone can’t afford “normal hair”? Normal hair is free. You’re born with normal hair. Gorgeous bright pink hair on the other hand costs a lot of money. Person who made this image, you are dumb as a sack of shit. 


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