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#tbh as an actor it’s your job to keep scenes like this as being character-driven not person driven #and from what I’ve heard the scene where Bellatrix tortures Hermione was filmed by letting the two of them build into it and follow through #so it’s important afterwards to cement the fact that it was acting and safe and sane #tl;dr bdsm dynamics work for acting too #you gotta make sure you’re still buds afterwards

That’s exactly it. You have to take care of your scene partners. Because none of it is real. You each have to make sure the other is okay. That’s a really hard scene for both of them, so when the camera’s not rolling they’re a) taking care of themselves (they probably both needed to cool off after the torture scene) and b) taking care of each other (when they’ve each done their own crying after the scene is over… then they go and give the other a hug and say “I’m sorry, I know it’s hard, it was hard for me too, but I love you and want to make sure you are safe both mentally and physically.”

Actors tend to get really close when they’re doing the worst scenes. (Or else they close off from everyone else and have to just get it done and then remove themselves completely and not think about it anymore.)

It’s nice to see this after seeing so many people falling all over themselves to praise actors and directors for actually inflicting horrors on women in torture scenes and calling it “method acting”.



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