Posted by: spazure | January 3, 2013





One day my daughter might come up to me and say, “Mom, I’m fat/ugly/whatever.”

And I will take her to the grocery store. I’ll show her all of the different sizes and shapes of her favorite fruits. And I’ll tell her, “Now, what’s more important? The way the fruit looks, or the way the fruit tastes?” And she’ll say, “Well, I guess the way they taste is more important.” And I’ll say, “That’s right. It doesn’t matter what size you are or how you look on the outside, as long as you’re sweet and delicious on the inside. Because you can be the prettiest looking apple in the whole store, but if you’re rotten on the inside then they will just spit you out.”

^ that’s a very good analogy

so remember kids

no matter what you look like on the outside

someone is still going to eat you

i feel so sad now! You are beautiful don’t be sad!!!


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