Posted by: spazure | November 8, 2012


trains in uppsala station!! the other (two) times i rode the train they announced stuff in english too, except for if something unexpected happened, but this time it was only in swedish. five or six rows ahead of us sat a group of americans, i guess they must have been here on some kind of adult exchange group from what they were talking about (drinking, and lots of it, and they were talking about some members as if they didn’t really know them). they were louder than the swedes who sat directly next to us, so i tried to get a video because it’s always difficult to explain just how much louder americans always are when they travel, americans don’t like to believe me about it…. also a little swedish girl in front of us suddenly started playing pokemon for the gameboy colour (i saw her gameboy as we got off, it was teal).

Apparently all swedish train stations look the same cuz i swear this looks just like the one I was at in Malmö.


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