Posted by: spazure | July 19, 2012


AJ –madreangel

Rarity – jade-xe

Fluttershy –drkawaii

Doing these cosplays was a lot of fun, and it was really lovely to see all the positive feedback online! ❤  I’m planning on doing another Rarity at my next convention. (Her gala dress.~)

Also I recently made a post related to MLP, cosplay, and body issues, that I really think you guys should read!

Fluttershy hiding behind Angel and Rarity staring us down like she’s the best thing on earth since sliced bread… SPOT ON SISTERS.. that’s called cosplay: doin’ it right. We don’t just call it “dressing up for the fun of it” .. it’s called costumed roleplay which means trying to nail the personality of the character is, in fact, part of it. ^^


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