Posted by: spazure | July 12, 2012




I think this really needs to be posted so people will have an example of a GOOD PLUS-SIZED COSPLAYER to compare to shitty plus-sized cosplayers. IT IS IN NO WAY SHITTY and she made it herself so it’s not like…causing all her extra weight to bulge out displeasingly(form-sitting?), the fabric is AMAZING, and DAT GOLD DETAIL. DAT HATT UNNNFF <333

See Anons, you don’t have to be skinny to be an amazing cosplayer <33
I really really really think this needs some recognition to the people bitching about these wonderful admins “hating” on people because of weight and whatnot. I think it’s probably just because they’ve never seen a good plus-sized cosplayer before. :

She’s cosplaying as Wedding!Ashe from final Fantasy XII.

yeah for real this is an amazing cosplay, and super SUPER detailed. :3 look guys seriously, this is gr8

Oh my gosh, what a BEAUTIFUL wedding Ashe. I hope to look this pretty as Ashe someday, as well ❤


Honestly, I will never tell somebody they shouldn’t cosplay. Let’s be serious for a minute. We’re PLAYING DRESS-UP! It’s for FUN damnit. Do it, have your fun, and honestly just let the critics fall off your back.


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