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Force majeure was amazing.

Top class, Izzard. As per usual.

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From the designer:

My Facebook and G+ newsfeeds have been filled with pink and red lately, so it seemed important to point out to the queer and allied in my life that Human Rights Campaign actually has a track record of promoting some rights at the expense of others. Being a fairly rough-and-tumble sort of cisgender queer man, I waded in.

It’s frankly unconscionable; transgender rights are integral to queer liberation, and moreover transfolks are our sisters and brothers, have shed the same blood, sweat, and tears in horrifying numbers for the same goals. The fact that names like Virginia Prince and Sylvia Rae Rivera aren’t as prominent in our histories as Harvey Milk says, I think, all it needs to about the need for some pink and purple soul-searching. Go forth and introspect.

Visually, too, I think the HRC equality logo leaves a bit to be desired, but I made minimal changes. The colors are based on the transgender pride flag designed by Monica Helms in 1999, the most widely used of several designs and to my eye, the most pleasing.

Considering that HRC seems to be continuing to give lip service to trans folks while throwing them under the bus, this is important and timely.

People need to know that the most visible LGBT “equality” organization out there continues to only fight for gay and lesbian equality at the expense of everyone else.

Trans allies, please repost. (And don’t give money to HRC.)

I totally may have posted this already, but I forget, and well… Eddie is always worth reading more than once. ❤

Stand up and be counted: Eddie Izzard interview – Telegraph

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Anon, I am going to be right here, at my computer, for hours and hours. If you want to talk to somebody, I am not going anywhere. I do not have a whole lot to offer other than owls and my stone-cold faith in you, but I hope both of these things will reach you before it’s too late.

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How I want the Doctor’s name to be revealed

The Doctor: “My name is-”
*train passes*
Clara: “What?”
The Doctor: “MY NAME IS -”
*Bus passes and Ten and Nine step out*
Clara: “WHAT?”
The Doctor: “My name is-”
*Ten and Nine hit him on the head with a frying pan and yell “NO” as they drag his body away*

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Any reviewer who expresses rage and loathing for a novel is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae.” – Kurt Vonnegut, (via neil-gaiman)




I think we should collectively endeavor to let John Caniglia of Cleveland, Ohio, know that he is attacking the life of a black trans woman who is already dead.

In another article, Caniglia goes on to quote officers from a police report that had nothing to do with the victim’s murder: 

“Acoff gave us verbal information stating that he was a female. Acoff later acknowledged that legal documents listed his identity as a man.”

What this has to do with Acoff’s death is unclear.  Caniglia goes on to cover Acoff’s miscellaneous petty crimes, including illegal possession of hormones, macing an attacker on public transportation, and unpaid bus tickets.  All of these crimes paint a picture of a queer person of color who has been the butt of ridicule, humiliation, and violence in the Cleveland community, and this continues even after her death.

Please, help hold John Caniglia, “the Plain Dealer” of Cleveland Ohio, accountable for his part in the death, murder, and humiliation of Acoff.  

You can contact  John Caniglia at 216.999.4097 or

OMG seriously…

This is fucking disgusting. 

Murder of black trans woman in Cleveland referred to as “oddly dressed man” in local newspaper

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For the record, I honestly don’t give a fuck how much cock you suck. Suck a thousand cocks. Suck a million cocks. There’s no such thing as a slut. That’s just a lie they told you born out of male anxiety. Anxiety about adultery and misattributed paternity.

Sex isn’t sinful either, though you can trace a lot of sexual repression and misogyny back to the Abrahamic religions. Before Emperor Constantine tried to replace the pagan religions with Christianity, they used to have sex in church. Sacred prostitution. Happened a lot in Mesopotamia, for example. And the Mesopotamians weren’t stupid either. They invented the fucking wheel.

It’s your body to do with as you please. If anyone tries to dictate a dick limit to you, they’re trying to take ownership of your body. And that’s slavery. If they call you a slut, that’s slavery. And I refuse it. Suck an infinite number of cocks for all I care. Just enjoy it.

Benedict Smith (via benedictsmith)

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